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Scaling and Root Planing

Congratulations! You have gone through the first step of healthier gums, bones, mouth and an overall healthier body! Your Scaling and Root Planing involved the scraping and cleaning of the tooth surface and may or may not involve the soft tissue incision to reflect the roots and the underlying bone. You can experience some redness, swelling and inflammation as a result of the procedure.

Discomfort. It is normal to feel some discomfort and tenderness after a scaling and root planing procedure. If you received a suture, expect the wound to be tender until it has properly healed. To relieve yourself of the pain, you can take analgesic tablets (i.e. Advil, Tylenol, etc); otherwise, expect that the tissues will eventually heal and any discomfort should subside within 3 days.

Eating. Avoid eating until anesthetic has completely worn off. If you had an incision and sutures, maintain a soft diet during the first few days, and avoid spicy, acidic, hard and highly seasoned foods. Expect to be able to eat as you normally do once the tissues have properly healed.

Oral Hygiene. You may brush your teeth but be gentle when touching the soft tissues (gums). Avoid the use of alcohol-based mouthwashes that can hamper the normal course of healing. Instead, gargle with saline water: prepare it by mixing salt into a glass of warm water.

Bleeding. Minor bleeding may be expected following a scaling and root planing procedure. If bleeding persists, you can bite on a moistened gauze or a tea bag to control it. Provide some pressure for 20 to 30 minutes to stop the bleeding.

Swelling. If you experience some swelling, you can apply cold compress on the area for twenty minutes, followed by a 20-minute break. Repeat as needed.

Smoking. Avoid smoking for 7-14 days following your procedure. Smoking disrupts the normal healing process of the tissues and can cause complications.

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Dr. Mina is the best dentist. He’s caring he does amazing work on my teeth. I would recommend everyone to see Dr. Mina to take care of their teeth.

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Have been a customer for 7 years, nicest Dentist I have ever met. Very flexible and nice employees. Office has evolved so much in 7 years, very professional looking.

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I just got my four wisdom teeth removed and it went great. I thought It was gonna be painful but I didn’t feel any pain. Highly recommend.
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