Debunking the Four Most Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

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Over the years, root canal treatment has gained a negative reputation. In fact, there is countless information about root canal treatment tossed around by people. All of which does not guarantee that they are real or if they came from reliable sources. Some of this information dramatically affects how an individual reacts to this procedure, causing them to ignore or postpone it.

However, the longer people postpone a root canal treatment, the worse the situation gets for both their oral and overall health. That is why we at Tadros Dental have prepared the most common myths about root canal treatment that needs to be corrected. Continue reading below.

root canal treatment

Myth 1. Root canal treatment is excruciating.

Undergoing root canal treatment is not as painful as one may think. In fact, root canal treatment is performed to eliminate the pain a patient feels when their tooth is severely damaged or decayed. Also, during the procedure, patients won’t experience any pain or discomfort once anesthesia takes effect.

Myth 2. Extracting the tooth is always the better choice than a root canal treatment.

As much as possible, preserving the natural tooth is always the best choice. Some people may think that once their tooth has been damaged or decayed, having it extracted is the best option; however, that is not always true. If the tooth is still repairable through the help of root canal treatment or any other dental procedures, then tooth extraction is not really necessary. However, if the tooth is beyond repair, then that is the time where it needs to be pulled out. People must always remember that there is nothing that can replace the appearance and function of a natural tooth.

Myth 3. The tooth needs to hurt before a root canal becomes necessary.

Although damaged or decayed teeth are always associated with pain, there are instances where the teeth won’t hurt. To make sure if the teeth really need to have root canal treatment or not, the patient must consult a dentist or endodontist. These specialists have ways of examining if the tooth’s pulp is damaged or infected.

Myth 4. Root canal treatment causes illnesses.

This idea came from the research conducted by Dr. Weston Price a century ago, claiming that undergoing root canal treatment causes a person to become at risk of acquiring certain diseases or becoming ill. However, there is not a single evidence that can support these claims.

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