Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting Dentures

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Losing your teeth is a very disheartening experience. It is hard for anyone to admit that it is time to say goodbye to their natural teeth and have them replaced. The lack of confidence in not having a complete set of healthy teeth can affect both your social and professional life. To prevent this from happening, getting your dentures is the first step in restoring your smile and halting the decline of your self-esteem.

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We at Tadros Dental prepared a list of the significant effects that dentures bring and the reasons why you should not delay getting them:

  • Losing teeth causes the mouth to look “caved-in” or pursed because it no longer has the bone structures needed to hold the shape of the mouth. The teeth are not only for chewing, but it also serves as a support for your cheeks and lips. Hence, losing your teeth will also make you lose the support system in your mouth. Through the help of dentures, you will be able to replace the lost structures and bring back the health of your mouth once more.
  • If you lost several of your teeth or perhaps all of them, your diet will be drastically affected. The food you eat will be limited because chewing becomes difficult. Due to this, you may have to cut some of your favorite foods from your diet. If all your teeth are missing, the disadvantage becomes greater. You will be limited to eating soft or liquid foods which can be unpleasant or even lead to malnutrition. Replacing your lost teeth with dentures or partial dentures will help you eat the foods you need and desire.
  • It is often an overlooked aspect of speech, but the teeth actually play a significant role in forming the sounds when speaking. Without your teeth, especially the front ones, having the mouth and tongue produce specific sounds will almost be impossible. By getting a set of dentures, even partial ones can help you regain your ability to pronounce words with ease. Dentures do not impair your speech so you will be able to restore your speaking abilities quickly after adjusting to your new dental prosthetic.

Don’t let missing teeth steal your self-esteem! Improve your smile, chewing, and speaking abilities by availing Affordable Dentures in Houston, TX. Here at Tadros Dental, we are ready to provide you with natural-looking dentures! Find us at 11880 FM 1960 Rd. W Houston, TX 77065 to get started.