Facts About Six Month Smiles Everyone Should Know

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Many people may already be aware of the different types of orthodontic treatments nowadays. Instead of having the teeth straightened using unsightly metal brackets and wires, there are other methods that offer better aesthetics. For people who prefer the traditional approach but hoping for a more discreet appliance, the Six Month Smiles procedure is the answer.

a straighter teeth

Just like metal braces, it also uses brackets and wires to move the teeth on their places effectively. But instead of the conspicuous metal, transparent and tooth-colored materials are used. Although the components used seem to focus on providing a better look for the appliance, know that amazing results can be expected due to its effectivity. Did these facts entice you to avail of the Six Month Smiles? Know more below!


As already mentioned, the combination of clear brackets and tooth-colored wires made the appliance look less noticeable. Believe it or not, people around the wearer may only think that something is different with their teeth but not pinpoint the exact reason; unless the wearer themselves mentions the device.

Quick results

As most people have already guessed it based on the name of the procedure, favorable results can be achieved in just six short months! Compared to the traditional option that can last for a year or two, this significant difference makes the new option highly enticing.

Less pricey

Aside from the discreetness and quick results, people can also save by opting for Six Month Smiles. This feat is possible due to the shorter treatment duration, which means that patients will be spending less during dental visits.

Fast visits

Patients can expect that they get in their scheduled wire adjustment and out in just a short while. They no longer have to spend much time sitting in a dental chair, thus making it a more convenient orthodontic approach.

No root resorption

There are people who are anxious to undergo accelerated orthodontics due to the possible occurrence of root resorption. The condition is the continuous loss of dentin and cementum which can put the overall oral health at risk. However, everyone should understand that root resorption occurs not because of the speed of the teeth’s movement but the pressure applied. Know that this is not a concern with Six Month Smiles since it uses a low yet constant force to move the teeth.

With these facts provided, are you now ready to get started with Six Month Smiles in Houston, TX? If yes, let us at Tadros Dental provide you with the said treatment! Visit us at 11880 FM 1960 Rd. W, Houston, TX 77065.