Protect Your Child From Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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DO YOU EVER put your baby to bed with a bottle? It may seem harmless. But if the bottle is full of milk or juice, it may begin to erode their teeth.

Acid-Producing Bacteria Cause Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottles full of milk or juice are also full of sugars that combine with bacteria to produce acids. When a baby drifts off with a bottle still in his or her mouth, the fluid pools around teeth and slowly erodes the enamel throughout the night.

The result can be painful tooth decay—also known as caries—and/or the need for crowns or extractions. In addition, since children’s teeth are still coming in they’re more susceptible to decay beneath the gum line. This decay can become so severe that delicate surgery under a general anesthetic is sometimes required to remedy the problem.

Protect Your Child’s Teeth From The Start

Give your child’s teeth the best protection you can, from the start! Dental health habits should begin before your child even grows their full set of baby teeth.

Baby teeth may be temporary, but they’re essential for your child’s health and development. They help your child eat and learn to speak. They also play an important role in guiding permanent teeth as they grow in properly.

We’re Here To Help

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